Press Release: Undergrads Strike in Solidarity with TAA


April 27, 2004 -

The Student Labor Action Coalition, a group unaffiliated with the Teaching Assistants Association, has called a general student strike for the days of Tuesday and Wednesday, April 27 and 28. It is anticipated that many, if not a majority, of undergraduates will respect or join TAA picket lines.

Undergraduates recognize that teaching assistants are fighting for the quality of the University's programs and for the continued existence of affordable health care. Consequently, an Undergraduate Strike Headquarters will be established on Bascom Hill Tuesday, beginning at 12:00 noon. Speakers will rally the students; DJs and breakdancers will boost morale. Students will be dispatched from the Undergraduate Strike Headquarters to picket lines, where they will demonstrate their solidarity with TAs by walking the line with them.

The Student Labor Action Coalition hope to see the TAA win this fight. We will do all we can--and we are certain that a large preponderance of undergrads will join us on Tuesday, April 27 at 12:00 noon. Bascom Hill will be teeming with solidarity.


Note: The TAA has no knowledge of the aforementioned actions, and has not authorized them in any way, shape, or form.

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