Studen Labor Action Coalition
Mission Statement

It's time to take our country back from the rich, the corporations, and corrupt politicians by building a mass movement for progressive social change. To succeed and be truly democratic, our movement needs the active participation of the largest number of people possible. The overwhelming majority of Americans are just regular working people and the Labor Movement represents the single largest organized block of working people in the country. Building Unions and the Labor Movement is critical to building the power of the working majority.

People of color and women now make up a majority of American workers. The Labor Movement needs to represent that diversity in both membership, leadership and program. White supremacy and male supremacy have divided working people for too long. We must fight against racism and sexism in all its forms in our Unions and other organizations, in our workplaces and on campus. Uniting the working majority and creating real change is only possible if these social ills are eradicated.

Around the world, working people face the same enemy -- global corporate domination which puts profits before people and is causing worldwide environmental devastation. American workers have a common interest with workers worldwide in beating back the corporate attack. Here in the US, the 'belly of the beast', we have the unique opportunity to not only support workers fighting for change in their own countries but also struggle against our nation's actions that hurt worker's interests abroad. Working people make up the global majority and united have the power to wrest control of the planet back before the evil, greedy ones completely destroy it.

In recent years, parts of the Labor Movement have experienced a revival. Unions are once again reaching out to unorganized workers and getting more involved in battles for social justice. Students can play a significant role in helping to rebuild a fighting Labor Movement. The Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) is a coalition of students, workers, and labor activists dedicated to:

  • Educating students and the community about Unions and worker's struggles for social justice.
  • Organizing students to engage in labor solidarity activities locally and worldwide.
  • Building active coalition work with Unions and other community activists.
  • Training students to be activists and organizers in the labor movement.
  • Actively supporting the struggle for social justice for all.

SLAC meets weekly to discuss these kinds of issues, develop strategies and organize events. All meetings are open to everyone interested in learning more and getting involved. No previous experience or knowledge is required. SLAC is a completely volunteer run organization with no dues or other membership requirements.

If you support social and economic justice on campus and in the community, consider joining SLAC. This year, we will be involved in a variety of activities and campaigns so there are plenty of ways to help out. You can learn new skills, meet a wide range of interesting, like-minded folks, and make a real difference in people's lives.

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Student Labor Action Coalition, Madison, WI