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Boot Action - Feb 21, 2007 - SLAC delivered a giant boot to Chancellor John Wiley Wednesday, urging him to "give Adidas the boot" in protest of workers' rights violations in Adidas factories.

we left the boot for Wiley
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March 24, 2007 - Danny Glover at USAS Midwest conference hosted by SLAC

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Bringing cake to the Chancellor's office:
Badger Herald article, Oct 18, 2006

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Picture for Evergreen workers, December 2005

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Anne Feeney and Evan Greer
make a surprise visit and seranade
the SLAC meeting, October 6, 2005

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Fighting for Workplace Democracy
September 29, 2005
Local labor figures Bill Franks and Carlos Martinez
will speak alongside student activists
from Georgetown University.
Worker empowerment, how students can play a part in labor campaigns
and more!

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SEIU Local 1(Justice for Janitors)
and the Teaching Assistants' Association (TAA)
at aRally and March to Support Madison's Janitors
Friday, July 22, 2005 on the UW Library Mall,
before march through downtown.
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Candlelight vigil for
the women of Juarez and Chihuahua
at Library Mall April 3, 2005
MEChA - Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan and SLAC
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April 1 2005 sew-in in front of Bacom Hall

(see LLPC sets up mock sweatshop)
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University of Wisconsin students
delivered doors to legislators at the Capitol
on February 24, 2005
in protest of tuition increases
proposed by Gov. Jim Doyle's
2005-07 biennial state budget.
See also: Students protest tuition hikes - The Badger Herald, February 25, 2005, and UW System students
rally for lower tuition
- The Daily Cardinal, 2/25/05.

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Some pictures from "Open the Books"
March 11, 2004. See also:the press release and Ralliers seek proof of disclosure - The Daily Cardinal - 3/22/04
At the beginning

Kate, Joel and Liana
The crowd
Joel breaks the lock
The book open
Tony with the open book
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[PICTURE - SLAC with wish list]
SLAC with wish list for Chancellor Wiley

Charlie, Liz, Liana, Ruth, Tony, Kate
we sang a song to the tune of
"The 12 days of Christmas",
to the secretary, since the chancellor wasn't in:

On the first day of finals John Wiley gave to me:
Wage disclosure for all licencees.
On the secnd day of finals John Wiley gave to me:
A women's right clause
and a rider for the CLC.
On the third day of finals John Wiley gave to me:
Cut Land's End,
women's right clause,
and wage disclosure for all licencees.
On the fifth day of finals John Wilety gave to me:
Rights for LTEs,
cut Land's End,
women's right clause,
and wage disclosure for all licencees.
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[t a a rally][t a a rally]
[t a a rally][t a a rally]
(above) SLAC joins rally for Teaching Assistants' Association (TAA),
November 10, 2003
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[PICTURE-medium shot]
Taco Bell protest,
[PICTURE-dog head]
October 8, 2001
[PICTURE-SLAC at Rock Ten factory]
SLAC at Rock Ten factory

Summer 2000
l to r: Molly McGrath, Jack Drolet, Sarah Turner, Jill Cartwright, Raul Islas, CJ Wilson, Nolen Johnson, Bob Hemauer, Pat Wanzeck, Mike Gonzales, Jennie Capellaro, Joel Schumacher.
[PICTURE-SLAC at the 1999 May Day Rally]
SLAC at the 1999 May Day Rally

Madison, WI
[PICTURE-1999 May Day Rally]
SLACers hanging out

at the 1999 May Day Rally

[PICTURE - May Day Rally Madison WI 1999]
May Day Rally, Madison WI 1999
[PICTURE-SLACers join angry Staley workers]
SLACers join angry Staley workers

to confront AFLCIO sellout
Workers' Memorial Day
Madison, WI, April 1996

[PICTURE-SLACers blast Pepsi Co subsidiary Pizza Yuck]
SLACers blast Pepsi Co subsidiary
Pizza Yuck
on State St.
for supporting Staley
September 21,1995
[PICTURE-Protest outside Taco Bell]
Protest outside Taco Bell

September 21,1995
[PICTURE-SLAC/Free Burma protest]
SLAC/Free Burma protest

outside Pizza Yuck
September 21,1995

[PICTURE-Joel of Madison dumps Pepsi]
Joel of Madison dumps Pepsi

outside the Ann Arbor Taco Hell
SLAC conference
March 10-12,1995
[PICTURE-SLACers outside the Taco Bell]
SLACers outside the Taco Bell

outlet in Ann Arbor
protest during
March 10-11, 1995 SLAC conference

[PICTURE-SLACers dump Pepsi]
SLACers dump Pepsi

on Library Mall
March 1, 1995
[PICTURE-Anti Pepsi Protest]
Anti Pepsi Protest

SLAC/Free Burma Coalition
March 1, 1995
Madison, WI
[PICTURE-Anti Pepsi protest]
Anti Pepsi protest

to support Staley workers
& free Burma
March 1, 1995


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